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US Patents Based on Korean Patent Applications, May 17

The United States Patent and Trademark Office issues a gazette of granted patents each Tuesday. On May 17, 2016, the USPTO issued a total of 6,754 patents, including both utility and design patents. Of these, 353 new US patents (5.2%) claimed priority to an application originally filed in the Republic of Korea. See the table below for a representative sample of 10 utility patents based on Korean applications. US patents.. Read More

The most current English translation of the Korean Patent Act

Where can you find the most up-to-date English translation of the Patent Act of South Korea? As of October 2014, the answer is: on the Korean Intellectual Property Office website, in the “Industrial Property Laws” section. (Direct link to PDF) KIPO’s translation was last updated to reflect the amendments of January 21, 2014. That means that it is already three amendments behind the Korean version. And more changes, including some.. Read More

6 key Korean patent resources

Jump to list. Whether you’re an inventor or a patent practitioner needing an overview of the Korean patent system, or a translator looking for help with patent terminology, there will be times when you need to find good information about the Korean patent system in English. But finding that information is easier said than done. And finding reliable, up-to-date information in English on Korean patents and patent law is somewhere.. Read More

In patent translation, precision matters

It’s common in the patent translation field for firms to look for the cheapest translator they can find, or to hire an agency that will do so. I know this because, as a Korean-English patent translator, I am frequently contacted by translation agencies and law firms that expect to receive a usable translation of a complex Korean patent application for a rate that works out to sub-poverty wages. Everybody wants.. Read More a Python script for reformatting Korean patents

When you’re preparing a Korean patent for translation, even after you’ve located a text-based PDF, reformatting the extracted text can be a real chore. Fortunately, the format of these PDFs is usually very consistent. Below is a simple bit of Python code I wrote for the purpose. If your PDF uses standard “[0001]” paragraph numbering, you can invoke this without any fiddling at all, directly from the command line. Just.. Read More

Researching Korean patents

Looking for a South Korean patent or published patent application? Or maybe you already have an image-based PDF of a Korean patent or application, but want a text-based PDF? The best place to start is KIPRIS.  (Word to the wise: don’t enable popups.)   1.  Go to  For easier navigation, you can select the “English” option in the top right corner of the screen:     2. In the.. Read More