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Ordering Swedish books from the United States

If you live in the United States and have tried to order books from Sweden, you may have discovered that it’s quite difficult. At this writing, and apparently for some time, the big online Swedish bookstores¬†like Bokus and CDON don’t ship to the US. (Bokus ships almost everywhere else in the world, but apparently stopped shipping to the US after repeated issues with customs.) ¬†And a lot of the smaller.. Read More

Define a word from any language

Some time ago, I wrote a bookmarklet to automatically open a new tab for the English-language Wiktionary entry for a word, either when that word is selected or when I am on one of my more common language-specific dictionary sites. I have now used this bookmarklet some thousands of times, so I can say that it works pretty well (unless the website I'm on is doing some hinky thing with.. Read More