Via Asian Law Blog, here is a story from the Korea Times, reporting on the Supreme Court’s announcement of a timeline for placing all criminal and civil judgments in South Korean courts online.

All courts here, including the appellate and highest courts, will be obliged to provide access for citizens to the texts of their rulings in all criminal cases via online or offline, the top court said, noting the system will be expanded to civil cases from 2015.

So far, the Supreme Court makes public the verdicts of “major cases” online on a case-by-case basis, and those who want to have details of a case need to make a separate request, causing inconvenience to the public and controversy over rulings’ transparency and the public rights to know.

In addition to enhancing transparency and credibility of the Korean legal system — something that all legal professionals, including translators, will benefit from — this has the potential to become an important resource for terminological research.