You see the problem: not enough books!

If you live in the United States and have tried to order books from Sweden, you may have discovered that it’s quite difficult. At this writing, and apparently for some time, the big online Swedish bookstores like Bokus and CDON don’t ship to the US. (Bokus ships almost everywhere else in the world, but apparently stopped shipping to the US after repeated issues with customs.)  And a lot of the smaller “online bookstores” turn out to just be Bokus or CDON affiliates.

I was near wit’s end and considering crazy workarounds like asking a UK friend to order the books I needed and send them on to me. But I finally discovered a wonderful place called Ord&Boch.  Their inventory includes a generous selection of legal dictionaries and technical dictionaries that you definitely won’t find on Amazon (at least not at any sane price).

My order from Ord&Boch cleared customs without incident and reached my home near Chicago within a week or so of placing the order.

I recommend Ord&Boch for any US-based Swedish language learner who finds themselves in the same bind as I was.