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6 key Korean patent resources

Jump to list. Whether you’re an inventor or a patent practitioner needing an overview of the Korean patent system, or a translator looking for help with patent terminology, there will be times when you need to find good information about the Korean patent system in English. But finding that information is easier said than done. And finding reliable, up-to-date information in English on Korean patents and patent law is somewhere.. Read More a Python script for reformatting Korean patents

When you’re preparing a Korean patent for translation, even after you’ve located a text-based PDF, reformatting the extracted text can be a real chore. Fortunately, the format of these PDFs is usually very consistent. Below is a simple bit of Python code I wrote for the purpose. If your PDF uses standard “[0001]” paragraph numbering, you can invoke this without any fiddling at all, directly from the command line. Just.. Read More