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변론: Argument or pleading?

Perhaps no area of the law resists translation as stubbornly as civil procedure. Substantive legal concepts are pretty similar across jurisdictions. Similar enough, at least, to allow a close paraphrase when no one-to-one equivalence exists. But the terms used in civil procedure are so deeply embedded in the structure of the source legal system that it can be nearly impossible to find equivalents that will make sense to the target.. Read More

How current is that translated Korean statute?

There are more than 1,600 translations of Korean statutes and major regulations that have been made available through the Korean Legal Research Institute and the Ministry of Legislation (MOLEG).  However, many of them are not up to date, so these translations can cause as many problems as they solve. Using data from the MOLEG API, I’ve put together a list of Korean statutory translations available through MOLEG, along with the.. Read More

The most current English translation of the Korean Patent Act

Where can you find the most up-to-date English translation of the Patent Act of South Korea? As of October 2014, the answer is: on the Korean Intellectual Property Office website, in the “Industrial Property Laws” section. (Direct link to PDF) KIPO’s translation was last updated to reflect the amendments of January 21, 2014. That means that it is already three amendments behind the Korean version. And more changes, including some.. Read More