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Last week in the Korean Supreme Court: Trademarks, copyrights, contracts and more!

(An experimental feature of this blog: still working on formatting &c.) The Supreme Court of Korea (대법원) issued fourteen “major” decisions on July 14, 2016. Among these were cases dealing with a number of issues dear to this IP translator’s heart, including trademark registration criteria, restitutionary damages for copyright, petitions for change of immigration status, and various issues of contract law.

How many patent law decisions has the US Supreme Court issued?

Reading and writing about the Alice decision and its fallout got me wondering: how many patent decisions has the Supreme Court issued altogether? Like most “simple” questions, it turns out that this one doesn’t have a very straightforward answer. But the number is somewhere in the 600-900 range. Inspired by the “breakfast experiments” over on Language Log, I set out to answer the question. But by the time I was.. Read More

Researching Korean patents

Looking for a South Korean patent or published patent application? Or maybe you already have an image-based PDF of a Korean patent or application, but want a text-based PDF? The best place to start is KIPRIS.  (Word to the wise: don’t enable popups.)   1.  Go to  For easier navigation, you can select the “English” option in the top right corner of the screen:     2. In the.. Read More