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How many ATA certified translators are there?

Exact numbers corrected 10 November 2014. How many ATA-certified translators are there? I couldn’t find a quick-and-easy answer to this question, so I went and did a little digging in the directory. (Or rather, I used a Python script to dig through the downloaded data for me.) The upshot: At this writing, there are 1,679 ATA-certified translators in the ATA directory. These translators hold a total of 1,991 certifications in.. Read More a Python script for reformatting Korean patents

When you’re preparing a Korean patent for translation, even after you’ve located a text-based PDF, reformatting the extracted text can be a real chore. Fortunately, the format of these PDFs is usually very consistent. Below is a simple bit of Python code I wrote for the purpose. If your PDF uses standard “[0001]” paragraph numbering, you can invoke this without any fiddling at all, directly from the command line. Just.. Read More