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Last week in the Korean Supreme Court: shareholder suits and botox law

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In contrast to the previous week’s jam-packed action, last week the Supreme Court of Korea issued just two “major” decisions. The first case dealt with whether shareholders who have involuntarily lost their shares can continue their suit against a corporation for allegedly violating its voting procedures. (No, they can’t.) This case, which got some coverage in the English-language Korean press, represents the end (probably) of the long and unhappy Lone.. Read More

Last week in the Korean Supreme Court: Trademarks, copyrights, contracts and more!

(An experimental feature of this blog: still working on formatting &c.) The Supreme Court of Korea (대법원) issued fourteen “major” decisions on July 14, 2016. Among these were cases dealing with a number of issues dear to this IP translator’s heart, including trademark registration criteria, restitutionary damages for copyright, petitions for change of immigration status, and various issues of contract law.

Public access to South Korean court decisions

Via Asian Law Blog, here is a story from the Korea Times, reporting on the Supreme Court’s announcement of a timeline for placing all criminal and civil judgments in South Korean courts online. All courts here, including the appellate and highest courts, will be obliged to provide access for citizens to the texts of their rulings in all criminal cases via online or offline, the top court said, noting the.. Read More